Thank you for stopping by....we would like to welcome you to our site and feel free to move around.  We don't have too much up at this time; but will hopefully have more in the near future.  The main thing is...we're here to help where it is needed so fell free to contact us and we will do our best to help...if that means an investigation or just a walk-through...we'd be glad to offer our services.
Our group is known as F.L.I.P.S. and it stands for the Female Lead Investigative Paranormal Society.  We have seven members in our group...only one of them being male. 

We are working hard to go on more investigations, and have done a few; but haven't done as many as hoped for.  That will hopefully change in the near future.


   The Historical Paramount Theater in Austin, MN
   Sweet's Hotel in LeRoy, MN
   Some private residences.

In our investigations in these places...we have come up with some amazing evidence:
   orbs, shadows, unexplained photos, EVPs, and some video.  Sorry it isn't much for
   right now; but am hoping to get out own domain soon.
These photos and EVPs were taken at Sweet's Hotel in LeRoy, MN.


" you're Jojo"

These photos and EVPs were taken at a private residence.  They were taken consecutively and we later noticed that there was a shadow in the left bottom corner.

"It knows"

"Me"...(children's voice)


These are some of the EVPs we got from The Old Hollis Inn in Marengo, IA

A 02 009 'what...what now' (basement alone)

A 03 061 bang woman screaming male voice bang (basement alone)

A 04 127 'with me' (basement alone)